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Uterine Culture Swab with calcium Alginate Tip

Article number 20184

Uterine Culture Swab with calcium Alginate Tip

There are various methods and instruments used to culture the uterus of any large animal.

The uterine culture swab is made of calcium alginate and is used primarily in equine, however is effective in all species.

Calcium alginate is a special medical grade media which is soluble in body fluids. Bacteria attach earlier onto calcium alginated schwabs, so you will find less often a false negative result, than with normal schwabs.

It minimizes the risk of reddening or irritation during the collection process that may be caused by the fiber particles in other culture swabs.

The swab stick is designed to minimize head loss or stick breakage in the uterus.

Guarded swabs have a secure scored cap or outer body that has a secondary rigid tube within the primary shaft which protects the inner swab and shaft.

All swabs are single use items, individually packaged and gamma irradiated or EtO exposed.

  • 30" swab is double-guarded with a rigid outer shell
  • Calcium alginate fiber head for low pathogen toxicity
  • Swab length is easily reduced for transport and plating
  • Single use item