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16 April 2019

Spervasept Forte is available again!

Spervasept is there again!!

Dear customers,

We want to inform you that after much hassle we finally succeeded in ensuring that we have enough Spervasept iForte n stock again.

They are available in 1L and 5L jerrycans.

For those who dont know the Spervasept yet:

Spervasept Forte is a caring agent, which can be used to clean the genitals of mares or cows prior to insemination, during birth or with diarrhea.

We recently changed the recipe of the product, so it is even more caring to the sensitive skin of the genitals, but also keeps it's good cleaning properties. You can use it to put it on a clean paper towel and clean the sensitive skin of the genitals.


Spervasept Forte is available again!