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For fresh and cooled horsesemen

We sell semenextenders for frozen and cooled semen of horses. Normally we have all semenextenders in storage. We also have an extender for almost every stallion. The extenders are packed and transported at -60C to -80C to make sure that they arrive frozen at our customers. It is also possible to deliver at the same day (only in the Netherlands, and Belgium and parts near the border of Germany). You will find more information about transport at the bottom of this page.

Extender for fresh semen
extender for fresh semen

Extender for fresh semen

Extender for frozen semen
extender for frozen semen

Extender for frozen semen

General info extenders

How you can safe them and thaw them.

All our extenders are frozen in special freezing units of -80 c. For transport the extenders are packed in polystyrene boxes, Semenextendersallowing them to remain frozen during transport. If transport takes longer than 24 hours, we use dry ice to keep the extender frozen. It is very important to place the extenders in the freezer immediately after arrival. The extenders have a shelf-life of two years after production date in a freezer of -20 c. After thawing, the extender has a shelf-life of maximum  3 - 5 days  in a fridge at 5c, depending on the type of extender. We recommend not to thaw the extenders over 37 c. Thawing the extenders can be done in a warmwaterbath of max. 37C (dry of the bottles carefully afterwards), in a warmingcabinet or get them out of the freezer the night before use and put them in a refridgerator. Always save the extender that is left over in a cooler, not in a warming cabinet! It is better not to refreeze the extenders again.

Widely applicable extenders

Our extenders are widely applicable, in addition the sperm is very good tenable in our extenders and remains the optimal movement. When semen is examined under the microscope, the cells are very well visible in our extenders. In all our extenders we process a very effective combination of antibiotics without damaging the semen cells. These antibiotics work against a broad spectrum of Gram-positive and negative bacteria. These antibiotics are developed  in collaboration with a leading laboratory in this field for which Spervital B.V. has exclusive rights. To make sure, that our products of the best quality, we employ a strict manual in our laboratory and each batch is tested on bacteria growth on 2 different ways. The pH is measured and there is research carried out under the microscope to see if there are any disturbances in the extender. With our barcode system we can track and trace each bottle.

For export purposes we deliver the nescessary trade documents and a health export certificate. Some countries outside the EU require an import permit to import the extender.

Delivery of extenders

Customers outside of the Netherlands can get their order delivered via Night Star Hellmann express (Germany, Austria) or DHL Express (rest of Europe), or System Plus (some European countries). When necessary we will add dry-ice or extra icepacks to the order or when a parcel has a delay, DHL will add extra dry-ice to the order to make sure the parcel arrives frozen at the delivery address. There is also a possibility to get a transportinsurance for loss or damage of the package.