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The Stallion

Management off the stallion is very important.

Sperma afname van de Hengst

Problems with pregnancy should be examined in the management first.

People believe that the stallion is just a sperm producing machine. They have little thought for the normal horse behaviour.”(Angus Mc Kinnon )

If the production and libido of a stallion is not high, only a different management will work. If there are problems with pregnancy or with the sperm, it is advisable first to go back to the basics: the stallion. There are a number of factors that can influence the stallion's semen:

  • Diseases.
  • Fever or increased temperature testicular and/ or swollen scrotum.
  • Medication use, antibiotics often have a bad effect on semen quality.
  • Pain and stress.
  • If the stallion covers more than his production allows, you can often compare the semen from some stallions with water. If a stallion is being over-utilized,  the concentration of some stallions will decrease very quickly.
  • Season (sperm decreases in some races in the wintertime)
  • Age.
  • Testicle size.
  • Sexual behaviour.

Proceedings are very important.

The act of covering with a stallion in his early years has a strong impact on the covering behaviour for the rest of his life. Especially during the first times it is very important to be calm and trustfull with a stallion to become acquainted with the mare/phantom.

If the stallion doesn't want to cover, the cause can be of the covering conditions or by the stallion himself: 

  • The stallion may be unexperienced. Especially with young horses, frightened, confused, not knowing what to do or what to understand.
  • Pain, for example in the back, neck, and hind legs. Sexual organ (for example; turned ball), If a stallion fell down or hurted himself during covering, it can take a long time before his confidence is back.
  • Overall disease. If the stallion is not in a good mood, they are often slow.

When is he most fertile?

A stallion is most fertile in his early years; 4-7 years. Until 13-14 years his semen  can increase, but once a stallion gets 15 years or older, the semen may remain the same or worse. Especially for older horses, the feeding of vitamins and minerals often has a positive effect.