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Equipment for semen anlyses

Here you will find different systems to analyze sperm. With the SDM 1, only sperm concentration of undiluted sperm can be measured. With the Androscope, the Isperm, the Nucleo Counter and the Androvision, the concentration of diluted and undiluted sperm can be measured. With these systems (except the nucleo counter) you can also digitally analyze the motility, the total motility and the progressive motility. This can be sent together with the semen by means of a anlysesreport. With a microscope with a hot plate, you can analyze the motility yourself. With a microscope with a 100x magnification, the morphology can also be viewed by means of coloring. The microscope can be connected to a camera and a screen, where images and video's can be captured. With the nucleo counter and the androvision, viability (intact of the cell membrane) can be analyzed. This can be very practical to know if you are going to freeze sperm. Cells with a broken membrane, which can never fertilize, can move, so can give a distorted picture if this is not measured. The Androvision (the casa system of Minitüb) consists of several modules that you can purchase separately. In the most extensive system, for example, DNA fragmentation, morphology and etc. can also be viewed.

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Lab shaker

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