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Primeval Sperm Active per set

Article number 30004
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Primeval SpermActive

SpermActive is a natural supplementary animal feed that has been specially developed for stallions for which top quality sperm is required. Sperm Active contains a carefully composed complex of active ingredients that influence sperm quality. It does not promote the volume per ejaculate, but improves the quality of the sperm cells. The mobility of the sperm cells is stimulated and the morphology improved. It contains essential nutrients for sperm cells.

The selected herbs in Spermactive improves blood flow to the reproductive organ and ensure optimal libido of the stallion, without disturbing the natural testosterone balance.

Sperm Active contributes to improved fertility of the stallion of both fresh and frozen sperm.

Spermactive comprises 2 components: 1x a powder mixture and 2x a bottle of unsaturated omega 3-6-9 oils.

Use per day: 3 level powder scoops (1scoop = 15gr) + 65ml Omega 3-6-9 oil.

If you want to order Sperm Active, please contact us by telephone!