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Optiprep 250ml

Article number 20032


Optiprep is used as a kind of cushion during centrifugation of the sperm.

This unique cushion is placed at the bottom of the centrifuge tube with a long needle.

This provides, as it were, protection for the spermatozoa, allowing the sperm to be centrifuged at a higher G-value.

How can you best use Optiprep:

Way 1:

2ml of Optiprep is placed at the bottom of the 50ml tube and the sperm pallet is on top of the Optiprep after centrifugation.

The supernatant and Optiprep can be removed and the pallet with sperm cells can be diluted with a sperm diluent.

Way 2:

0.2 ml of optiprep is placed at the bottom of the centrifuge tube containing diluted semen. After centrifuging you can leave the optiprep in place.

You then only remove the supernatant and dilute it all again with a semen diluent.