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Nucleo Counter SP-100

Article number 50003
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Nucleo Counter SP-100

Reliable analyser for cententration and viability of extended and raw semen.

  • Even with extended semen the nucleo counter gives you an exact number of concentration and viability of the semen.
  • Viabilty tells you, that the membrane of the cell is intact. Only then the semencell can virtilize an oocyte.
  • Very easy to use and gives you a quick result.
  • No false results by interference of gel particles of semen or eggyolk or milkparticles of extender
  • Including USB cable, semenview software.
  • Including userguides and Container standard including sample cup holder
  • The Starterkit is Including all necessities like a dispenser 1-10 ml, pipette, 100-1000 microliter) and consumables
  • Consumables are SP1 cassettes, Reagent S100 500 ml, PBS 5 liter, sample cups and pipettips.

Please contact us for the price and information when you want to order the nucleo counter