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1 February 2018

New products at Spervital

New products in our assortment

The Isperm

the Isperm is a mini- Ipad with a special camera that can analyse both concentration and motility of fresh and frozen semen. All data can be stored in the Icloud and are available wherever you want. The Isperm also shows you the data of each stallion over a longer period of time, so when something is wrong, you can see this immediately. Another handy option of the Isperm is, that you can make short video's of the semen and send these files to your customer for example. This piece of equipment is very handy for vets and stallionowners. Please contact us for more information.

Other new products

Small incubator and HD camera for your microscope

We also have a couple of other new products in our assortment, such as a small incubator (the Cultura) which is handy to keep extender or other smaller items for semenassessement on 37C and an HD camera for on your microscope. With this camera you are able to show what is on the slide of your microscope on a larger screen. You can also make video's with the camera and store these files on your computer.  Click here for more information about these new products.

Practical advice together with Pasedes

Did you know you could hire us for indipendant advice about stallion, semenassessement and semen freezing? Our expert in this area, Desiree Gebbink of her own company Pasedes can help you with practical advise at your studfarm. For this advice we have special tarifs.

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New products at Spervital