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Nescessary accessories for SFS strawfillingmachine

Article number 50010

Necessary accessories for SFS straw filling machine

  • Seals for fill and suction neadles, 2000/bag (13021/3001)
  • Silicone hose 3 * 1 mm transparent for SFS 2 meters 3x (13133/3500)
  • Filling head with 6 channels for 0.5 ml, straws with hose and sinker 1x (13133/1000)
  • Suction head with 6 channels for 0.5 ml straws (13133/2000)
  • Standard for sperm cones (5013018/0932)
  • Sperm cones 200ml single use, 100/bag (13018/0100)