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14 May 2019

For Sale

Olympus microscope including heating stage with digital unit for sale. Very good to use for semenevaluation.

For the price, please contact us by phone.

Frame: Including left hand or right hand driven stage, with built-in carrying handle

Objectives: Infinity corrected Achromats, Plan Achromats, Plan Fluorites 4x-100x with or without oil immersion

Observation Tubes: Binocular or trinocular widefield, also inclinable

Condensers: For brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarisation

Illumination: 30W Halogen for transmitted, 50W/100W HBO (Mercury) for reflected fluorescence

Stages: Built-in, mechanical stages with left hand or right hand drive, new wire driven mechanism for safety and damage protection

Contrast Methods: Transmitted brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, reflected fluorescence, simple polarisation

Applications: All clinical, laboratory and advanced education

For Sale