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EVD Plus red cap 50ml

Article number 10006
big box (60 pieces per big box)
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EVD Plus (red cap 50 ml)

When to use?

  • EVD Plus is very suitable for stallions whose motility of the sperm leaves something to be desired.
  • This extender contains a combination of milk and egg yolk components, which together with the other ingredients ensure that the motility of the sperm is maintained and stimulated over a longer period.
  • This extender is very suitable for sending semen.
  • EVD Plus is also suitable for centrifuging sperm for the freezing procedure. 

General information:

  • This extender is available in bottles of 50, 100 and 200 ml.
  • This extender contains an effective antibiotic formula that is hard against bacteria, but is mild for the sperm.
  • The extender contains processed egg yolk, making it thawed once longer in the refrigerator and a brighter image.
  • EVD Plus can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days after thawing. Frozen at -20ºC it is max. 2 years after production


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