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EVD blue cap 100 ml bottle. old recipe

Article number 10015
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EVD 100ml ( Blue cap old recipe)

When to use?

  • EVD (blue cap) is used by many stallion owners during and after the centrifuge procedure for shipped semen.
  • In general, EVD keeps the semen longer alive than with use of the OVD extender (white cap).
  • Semen cells are very well visible under the microscope in this extender.
  • This extender is also suitable for semen centrifugation before the freezing procedure.
  • In this extender normal eggyolk is used to expand the lifetime of the semen.

 General information:

  • EVD is available in  100 and 200 ml bottles.
  • This extender contains a formula of antibiotics that is hard but effective against bacteria and mild to the sperm. 
  • After thawing, this extender can be kept in the refridgerator for 3 days.
  • Deep frozen (-20ºC) this extender can be kept for a maximum of 2 years after the production date. This date can be found on the side of the bottle.