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Bovihold Holdingmedium for bovine embryos 3x10 ml

Article number 40071


Product description

Bovine Embryo Transfer Media is produced under GMP conditions in a dedicated cleanroom.

Media are recommended for washing, storing and transferring bovine embryos obtained in vivo.


  • PH stable due to optimal buffer conditions suitable for an air atmosphere
  • Wash media is available with BSA or PVA instead of serum
  • BoviFlush with PVA is free of ingredients of animal origin and has a defined composition, but retains the same surfactant properties as rinsing medium containing serum
  • BoviHold contains energy sources, vitamins, growth factors and amino acids to provide an ideal environment for the embryos to prevent adverse effects from the ex vivo conditions
  • Antibiotics in both media prevent contamination, prolong shelf life and protect embryos against harmful effects of bacterial toxins.
  • Each batch is embryo tested.


At +2 to +8°C for 12 months. Best before date printed on label.