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The team of Spervital B.V.

A compact team gives you a personal approach

Because Spervital B.V. is a small company, we have a very personal approach to our customers. At the moment 3 people work for Spervital B.V.:

Marieke Klein Lenderink

"A lot of people ask me, how I ever got in this business, of having a company that produces sememarieken extenders for horses? Well that's quite a story. It all boils down, that our mare Loretta (bred by my late father-in-law Theo Schiphorst) has led us to it, and that Hans Olthof has played a major role in this, where I am still grateful for. It is a beautiful story, what I think is more than just a coincidence, but if you want to hear the whole story, then come along for a drink or a cup of coffee, then I will tell you al."

At the moment we own the company for about 20 years and Spervital B.V. exists more than 25 years. But not a second I have regretted that we have bought it at the time. The company offers me sufficient challenge and I learn something new every day. Horses have always been my hobby and biology and languages were my best school subjects. Now I can combine them all, because the fertilization process is very interesting and fascinating. And I can use my languages quite well now, because we sell our products in many European countries.

Spervital B.V. exists more than 25 years, and we have never regretted that we have bought it at the time.

My functions within the company are a bit more behind the computer nowadays, buying and selling of the products, management of the company,  marketing and PR, Administration, the website and contact with our distributors abroad. Spervital B.V. is an interesting and fascinating company where we find personal contact and quickly respond to the wishes of the customer very important.

Clemens SchiphorstClemens

"At Spervital B.V., I help my wife with all the practical and technical work and ideas. I also take care of the production of the extenders, loading and unloading of the goods, and I help delivering or picking up the extenders and AI products. A cheerful note I find pleasant within our company for a good cooperation, and I try to assist my colleagues with a down to earth look at all the work. Clear and good agreements are very important to me. In addition to my work at Spervital B.V. I also have a passion for agricultural service. I can combine this quite well  with my work for Spervital B.V."

Lisette Voss

Lisette Voss works at Spervital of the 1st of oktober 2018. This enthousiastic lady worked at Sexing Technologies at the lab for 6 years. Besides that she studied horse husbandry in Zwolle. She will be working as an employee in service and in the lab for the extenderproduction. You will get her on the phone regularly. Her accuray and enthousiasme will work out very will in this work.