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Stallionowners day

Since 2012 we have organised a Stallionowners day each Februari in the Netherlands. At this day we arrange speakers and workshops about subjects that every stallionowner would like, such as semenassessement, embryo transfer or mare problems, nutrition or a subject like internet or social media. We always try to have an interesting and practical day.

Hengstenhouderijdag: Een zaal vol mensen.Help from other companies

During this day, there were always other companies who sponsored this day and were there with a stand. Everyone got a delicious lunch as well during this day. The past 4 times we had it at de Radstake in Varsseveld and the previous 2 times were at the Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren.  proberen altijd voor een praktische invulling te zorgen.

If you want to have such a day in your country, please contact us.