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Frequently asked questions

Below you can see some frequently asked questions and aswers

General questions

Can I still order via email or telephone?

Yes, you can still order via email or telephone. The webshop is also meant as a catalogue and a service to be able to order any time you want.

How can I pay?

You can pay via iDeal, Sofort banking, Belfius, Bancontact and SEPA.

What general terms of delivery are there?

General terms of delivery

If you click the button above, you can open the terms and conditions.

Do you account any packing and administrationfee?

We charge you a packing and administrationfee of €10,- when you order below €150,- ex VAT.

How can I make an order or I forgot my password.

Ask for a Login account

You can make an order by asking for an Login account by clicking on "Log in" button on the left side of our logo on this Website. There you fill in the form and send it to us. As soon as this form arrives at us, we will give you a Login name and password. You can adjust your password anytime.

Did you forget your password?

Click on "I forgot my password" and a new password will be send to your email. As soon as you are loged in, you can see the prices and click on the products that you want to order. You can adjust the amount of products when you have the product in your basket. The website will guide you through the order process.

I entered wrong data in this webshop, what do I have to do?

Please contact us via email or telephone, so we can ajust the data. We are reachable per telephone on working days from 8.00 am to 17.30 pm.

What is your privacy policy?
What deliverymethods are there?


Delivery of semenextenders depends on where they have to be shipped to. The extenders have to arrive frozen, so when this transport takes place within 24 hours than this is no problem, because the extenders will leave here at -60C and they are packed in special polystyreen boxes. When it is needed, extra frozen icepacks or dry ice will be added). The transport of extenders will take place by Night Star (Germany, Austria), HippoXpress (Belgium) or DHL express (rest of Europe) We use small boxes of 30 botlles of 100 ml/16 bottles of 200 ml, medium boxes of 78 bottles of 100 ml or 36 bottles of 200 ml or large boxes of 150 bottles of 100 ml/ 72 bottles of 200 ml. For a large box you get 5% of discount.

Orders of non-frozen goods will be done by DPD, Mainfreight or DHL Parcel. Parcels up to 30 kg are  €15 for Germany and Belgium and €25,- for other countries within Europe, except Norway.(€40,-) The deliverytime can vary for these parcels from 1-5 workingdays, depending on the deliveryaddress and the transportcompany.

Orders can be picked up during openinghours.

Other issues and provisions.

  • Prices of transportcompanies can change.
  • We are not responsible for late deliveries that are coused by sircumstances that beyond our influence.
  • We deliver the goods directly to the address that you gave us. Please make sure this address is correct.
  • Deliveries from the webshop will be done on normal workingdays besides Dutch National Days of Holiday, such as Eastern and Christmas.
  • When goods are not in stock, we will tell you this by email or telephone and we can discuss about the time of delivery.
  • When you want a special transportinsurance, please let us know. When we think this is nescessary, we will let you know.
  • If products are temporarily out of stock, we will let you know by telephone or email and we can discuss about the delivery time.
Can I return or exchange products that I have bought?

Semenextenders and open packings cannot be returned for hygienical reasons. Products can only be exchanged when Spervital agrees with this, in a way Spervital says how to do this.

Why should I pay so much Transportcosts for a small order?

Orders smaller than 250 euro, we account 12.50 extra for administration and packingfee. This will be added to the normal transportcosts, which will be accounted to you as well. Orders larger than 250 euro, the administration and packingcosts expire.

Who can order at this webshop?

Only registered companies can make an order at this website. You will have to have a valid VAT number and a chamber of commerce number.

I would like to order something which is not in the webshop, what do I do?

If you would like to order something which you cannot find in our webshop, just call us or email us and maybe we can order it for you.


Product questions

How do I store and thaw the extenders?


Right after receival the extenders need to be placed in a freezer of -20C. They have a shelflife of 2 years after productiondate. This date is printed on the barcode of the bottle. U will find a code with .....UB220 for example. This means use before february 2020. Once thawed, the EVD old recipe, all freezingextenders, de EVD special (green top) and the OVD(white top) can be used max. 3 days when stored in a refridgerator. Never store the extenders in a warming cabinet! The EVD new recipe, the EVD plus (red top) and the EVD excellent (yellow top) you can store up to 5-7 days in a refridgerator. If you see any differences in colour, smell or particles in the extender in the meantime, please contact us!


For all the extenders counts, that they should not be thawed any warmer than over 37-40 C. The antibiotics in the extender will loose there function, so this is not good for the extender. Also flakes could be formed. You can thaw the extender in a lukewarm water bath or in a warming cabinet or put them in a refridgerator the night before use.



Wich extender fits to my stallion for the best?

Extenders for fresh/chilled semen

the EVD blue top is a standard extender and can be used for most stallions with normal to good quality sperm. The EVD Plus (red top) gives a little more impulse to the semen than the blue top extender. The EVD special (green top) can be used for stallions who cannot deal very well with their own seminal plasma. So if the motility of just collected semen gets worse really fast (within 6-8 hours or less) then the EVD special could help this semen to live longer. The EVD excellent (yellow top) is a very nice clear extender which gives the semen cells extra protection, especially during centrifugation. It also works very well when you use optiprep or equipure. The OVD (white top) contains no egg yolk and can be used for insemination on the studfarm itself or during centrifugation. You can also ship semen of good quality with this extender.

It is advisable to make some trials with extenders for your stallion. Split the ejaculate and use different types of extender and your stallion will tell you which one is the best to use.

Extenders for freezing semen.

The IVD red top works well for most stallions with normal to good quality semen. The IVD excellent there is an extra cryoprotector added and more egg yolk for extra protection. Botu crio can be a solution for subfertile stallions. With all our extenders, you can use one of the extenders for fresh/chilled semen for the centrifugation and use the freezing extender after that.

All our extenders are developed for stallion semen, not for other animals.

What is the difference between therio gel and priority care?

Priority Care and Therio Gel

Both products are sperm friendly lubricants, only independent research has shown that Therio Gel is semen friendlier because the pH and osmolarity of this product is equal to semen. Priority care is in a larger tube (150 ml) and theriogel in a 100 ml tube. Theriogel can be used with embryo's and as a lubricant in the AV.

Where do you use the lids for the syringes for?

The lids for syringes

The lids are used when you ship semen in a syringe, to make sure there is no semen that leaks out of the syringe.

Where do I use optiprep for?


Optiprep is a “cushion” for semen cells during centrifugation. It gives the cells extra protection during centrifugation, so you can spin a lot faster than without using Optiprep. This is very useful when you have a lot of mares for your stallion, so every cell can be used during the season.

How to use it

First, you will have to extend the semen normally. After that, you have to place 2 ml of Optiprep in the centrifuge tube at the bottom of the tube. While you do this, you will see the extended semen going up in the tube. Carefully place the tubes in the centrifuge and spin it on 1000 G for 10 minutes. After that, you remove the supernatant. The pallet of sperm is on top of the Cushion. Go with a long needle through the pallet and suck the Optiprep away. After that, you can extend it again for a normal procedure.

Where do you use the RVS long needles for?

Button needles

Button needles can be used to insert Optiprep or Equipure into a centrifuge tube or to remove the supernatant from the centrifuge tube after centrifugation. The needles are reusable and are made of stainless steel.

What is the difference between EquiPure and OptiPrep?

What's the difference?

There is a distinct difference between OptiPrep and EquiPure. However, OptiPrep is and only a protection for the semen during the process of centrifugation. It will not give any improvement to the semen. However, one can achieve a better yield by using OptiPrep.

EquiPure on the other hand is a medium for purifying and separating spermatozoa during centrifugation. As a result, bacteria, leukocytes and sperm cells of lesser quality are centrifuged from the semen and one is left with a pure pallet of mostly better quality spermatozoa. 

As examined by Dr. Dickson Varner, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Texas University

"This study demonstrated that use of density gradient (EquiPure) can improve semen quality in stallions, as determined by measures of both spermatozoal motility and spermatozoal morphology".

How should I use EquiPure?

First, dilute the ejaculate. With concentrated semen, it is advisable to dilute the ejaculate 1 to 2. Then one places 10 cc of EquiPure carefully with a long needle at the bottom of the tube. One can see the diluted semen rising. Carefully place the tube in the centrifuge and then centrifuge for 28 minutes at 300 G value. After centrifugation, one sucks out the supernatant and the pallet are ready to be further diluted through. It should be kept in mind that there is always loss of spermatozoa due to this treatment. It is therefore advisable to determine the concentration after centrifugation. 

What is the difference between analysing equipment?

Photometer SDM 1

The photometer SDM 1 of Minitube only measures the concentration of raw unextended semen.

NucleoCounter SP-100

The nucleo counter SP 100 is a very precise system for measuring the concentration and viability of semen. Even with extended semen this machine gives you the concentration very accurate. The viability sais somthing about how viable the cell is and tells you more about the fertilisation capacity of a stallion. Viable cell have an intact cellmembrane. Only a cell with an intact membrane can fertilize an egg.


This iPad Mini has a special lenze for analyzing semen. It is ideal to use on the road. It gives you an accurate analysis of the concentration and a good idea of the motility. You can store every video in the cloud, and you can send video's to others. It also gives you an overvue of the semen production of a stallion during a certain amount of time.


Androvision of Minitube is a complete casa system for semenanalysing. It is a complete analysingsystem that can be bought in modules. It analyzes motility, concentration, but also DNA integrity, activity of mitochondria, acrosome integrity, viability, and morphology.

What is Spervasept Forte?

Spervasept Forte

Spervasept Forte is used to clean and the vulva of a mare before insemination. It also contains special caring substances for the skin of the vulva. It can also be used when foals have diarrhea. Furthermore, it is available in 1 liter bottles with a special spray on it and as a refill pack of 5 liters.

What is the difference between Binocular and Trinocular

Bino or Trino

The difference between a binocular or trinocular microscope is, that on a trinocular microscope you can adjust a camera to show the image of the slide on a larger screen. On the same time, you can see through the oculars to swing the slides back and forth or display it in a little more detailed way.