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Location SpervitalEnvironmentally conscious entrepreneurship

At Spervital B.V. we think it is very important to be aware of the environment while we have our business. This is what we do in this matter:

  • Our 238 solarpannels on our roof make enough electric power to be selfsupporting during the day for all our electric equipement such as the freezers that we use. Sometimes, when the sun is shining enough, we even produce more power than we need and deliver this back to the local electric powernetwork.
  • Of course we sort our rubish and re-use karton boxes or other packingmaterial that we get delivered by our suppliers to reduce the amount of karton that we need.
  • We ask our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to send the polystyreen boxes back to us by Miedema or Hippoxpress, so they can be used again.
  • We try to stimulate our customers to order full boxes, so no space in a box is lost and no air will be transported.
  • We try to stimulate our customers to order less often, but more in 1 time, so less transportmovements will be needed.
  • We also order as much as possible in 1 time at our suppliers so there will be enough in stock and less transport is needed.

This way we hope we help to reduce the amount of CO2 that is being produced and we are as aware as possible to save our planet. If you have new idea's how we can improve ourselves in this, just let us know.